Are you looking for some great opportunities to have unlimited fun during the Fall Season? Then the Harvest Tyme Farm Park may be the best place for you. Known for hosting its special fall festivals since the past twelve seasons, the park has earned a name for itself in the entire North Indiana Region.

Activities That Cut Across Age Groups

Most of the activities that you engage in other places come with the problem that while they are fun for some of the family members, it may not be the same for the others. This difference in entertainment can cause most families to be split on their opinion while choosing a spot for their holiday.


But this can change! The best part of the Harvest Tyme Farm Park is that it translates as fun not only for one or two members but the entire family. With the widest range of games and events in Indiana, there is something appealing to be found for all age groups. So whether it is you or your child, there is no limit to the amount of fun that you can have while at the Harvest Tyme Farm Park.

Look at some of the activities they have got to offer right here:

1. Pick your own pumpkins

Yes, at Harvest Tyme you can go beyond your ordinary fall shopping experience at supermarkets. You can actually choose your own pumpkin from their vast tracts of land that have been turned into pumpkin patches. So get going and make your selection among the plenty of pumpkins that are there just for you!

2. Interact with animals at the petting zoo

The ideal place to foster some love in your children’s heart for animals, the petting zoo is highly recommended during your trip to the Harvest Tyme. Filled with domesticated farm animals and under careful supervision by staff, there’s no reason to worry about your little one not having fun while learning about animals they might not see to often in the big city.


3. Take amazing pictures at the sunflower field

The immense field dedicated to the growth of sunflowers is a visual treat that you cannot afford to miss during your trip to the Harvest Tyme Farm Park. It is also the best place to click some awesome pictures with these flowers in the background! What is more, you may even pick the flowers of your choice for your own little sunflower bouquet.


4. Enjoy the rides

From the soothing Hay Rides to the thrilling Miner Mike’s Roller Coaster to the cheeky Giant Swing, Harvest Tyme Farm Park offers plenty of rides that are open to both your children and you! Yes, you can ride them too and let the child inside you have all the fun that you might’ve been missing out on!


For the little ones, apart from these rides, there are also the delightful carousel and exciting scramblers among others that they are sure to enjoy!

5. Go up on the hot air balloons

Would you like to enjoy the amazing views of the sunflower fields, the pumpkin patches and the corn maze from high up in the sky? Yes you can do that too with their unique hot air balloon rides that are also open to all ages!


So without spending too many thoughts, book your tickets today and have guaranteed fun only at Harvest Tyme Farm Park.

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